American Dream

In 1989, a child was going to be born on the streets of Peru to a single mother. She couldn't survive in Peru. She knew America was the land of opportunity, so she set her eyes on a new life there. She wanted to take her two children and her unborn child to America and start over. Her boss, a wealthy man, would not allow her to pack up and leave. She knew the life for her newborn was short lived,  so she decided adoption. 

In court, during the adoption hearing, the woman was called every name in the book just to see if she would crack under pressure and say the father was Peruvian not American. If so, the child would not be allowed to leave Peru and head to America for a better life. 

During this time, a lovely couple tried to have a child of their own but they were not able to. So, they turned to adoption. They tried agencies in America and then around the world. Finally, they got word of a baby in Peru. They were on board and on their way to Peru. 

The two Americans set out on a journey to Peru to save a life.

At this time, the *Shining Path, a communist party, was in its peak form. They knew they were setting foot on dangerous grounds, but continued to go anyway. Restaurants were being blown to pieces if any government official dined there.  Army tanks rolling around. People with rifles poking into cars to see if they could find any government official or personnel sneaking around.

At one point, they were mugged and had their passports stolen. That didn't stop them, They stayed strong and achieved their dream. They welcomed a boy into their lives and brought him safe back to America to live out the American Dream.


*By 1991, the Shining Path had gained control of much of the countryside of the center and south of Peru and had a large presence in the outskirts of Lima.